What I do

I click for free the moment that I live!
I edit for show what we can see with the eyes of the mind!
Our brain is real but it can wander in the imagination!
You can print my image in four support: Forex, Canvas, Alluminium, Acrylic.
For the detail visit the Print section.

Why I do It ?

I climb for reach my physic limits!
I photograph for show that there are no mental limit!
Two different passions that together the give me a life balance.
Photography is not only talented, sacrifice, adventure, friendship, cold, water, fear, light, dark and patience are essential elements for the success of a shot. Only by combining these factors and those who want to get in the game always manages to surprise!

Who I am

I’m Enrico and i live in Verona.
I work as I climbing coach, route setter and photographer at King Rock, a climbing gym in Verona!
A guy with two passions: Climbing and Photography!
Combining these two loves came out this quote:
“ There are holds that need to be taken, there are lights that need to be catch ”


Hours of Work


Photos taken


Complete projects

Landscape Photography

The patience and the desire to wait for the right light, allow you to roam with the imagination and watch the show that nature makes us spectators every day!
The advantage is that to see the show you don’t have to pay any ticket! You have only to wait!
Have a nice vision!

Sports photography

Sport is the diet of our body, and I love capture the movement in a static image! In this gallery you have the possibility to see my favourite sports and the power of action!
Have a nice vision!

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